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Posted by Admin Friday, 1 June 2012

Movie Name:- Prometheus

Release Date:- 1 june 2012 (USA)

Directed By:- Ridley Scott

Genres / Category:- Action, Horror, Science Fiction

Written by:- Jon Spaihts, Damon Lindelof

Produced by:- Ridley Scott, David Giler, Walter Hill

Running time:- 124 Minutes

IMDB Rating:- N/R

Starring:- Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron, Patrick Wilson, Idris Elba.

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Prometheus Movie Plot:- We all have always wondered how it all began, how human beings originated. It has been a closely guarded secret and Mother Nature and universe has seldom given us clues on our creation. But we being extremely curious devise our own ways to figure how and why. Watch Prometheus online and witness this crew of space explorers who are ready to embark on an adventure filled mission that would take them to the periphery of the universe. They are ready to make a startling discovery on the origins of mankind. The film is directed by the master himself and he is none other than Ridley Scott. Talking about the plot, a crew discovers a star map which existed in the archeological images of many cultures that are not connected to each other. The civilizations are Mesopotamian, Magdalenian and Aztec civilizations. All this is happening in the 21st century and the crew is ready to complete this mission. Watch full Prometheus and learn that the name of the ship is Prometheus and the crew is supposed to follow the map and their mission is to find the origin of human beings. The mission is indeed very profound and if the crew is able to find answers to this, the world will praise their efforts for the rest of their lives. But this mission comes with grave challenges for the crew to overcome as finding answers to these questions is not very easy. There are hidden threats that exist and it can become a major hindrance for the crew to overcome all these issues.Download Prometheus as it is believed to be a prequel of Alien another masterpiece by Ridley Scott. It is expected that Prometheus is more than just a sci fi film as it involves a grand mission for the crew to accomplish.

From the fame of films like Blade Runner and Alien, comes director Ridley Scoot armed with his latest release to mark his return to his favorite genre, one that once upon a time, he’d himself helped define. Life on Earth was being distorted by escalating levels of tension in between the two super powers, who were already on the verge of beginning to apprehend a third world war in the near future. It would be a fight for control over the remaining extracts of natural resources on the planet that in the process would bear unimaginable losses of human lives and property. Revealed by a Prometheus download, this is the backdrop against which a gigantic spaceship, Prometheus is readied for a journey to Erix, a distant planet, only to discover ways to terraform the present world. As we watch Prometheus online, we find the crew of the spaceship surprised by the existence of life on the supposedly, uninhabited planet. Not only is this, but the life forms are found to represent an indigenous race of bio-mechanoid killers. The spaceship and its crew comes under instant attack, only to eventually plans of the race to take over mankind on Earth, completely. So the crew gets ready for a deadly battle, in order to protect mankind, on the verge of a terrible disaster.

Country:- USA

Language:- English

Production Company:- Brandywine Productions, Dune Entertainment, Scott Free Productions

Distributed by:- 20th Century Fox

Studio:- Scott Free, Brandywine Productions